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How it works

Our solution combines 3 different modules internal career management, feedback and talent development capabilities to maximize employee experience

Career Management 2.0

The platform offers different ways for employees to help them step forward in their career. Due to the easy internal mobility, employees can find their long term career goals in the organization.

3D Feedback

DTalent provides a complete picture about the current skill status of the employees by the integrated feedback system. The module provides an opportunity to give feedback in the fastest and most enjoyable way, with a predefined frequency based on the company’s preferences. We offer comparison, team, personal and company feedback to strengthen feedback culture in every dimension.

Talent Development

In order to truly unleash employees maximum potential, DTalent enables to find the right training opportunities which suits their interest and encourage them to reach the next milestone in their career. The system offers personal goal setting and continuous notifications aligned with the specific valuation periods.


Competency Assessment Platform

We create competency models based on not only hard skill, but also soft skills and personality traits of the employees in a super easy to use, user-friendly interface.
Every employees and team leaders of your organization could register to their own account after filling out various hard and soft skill tests. It helps them visualize their competencies and track their learning progress at your company.

Data Cloud about your Talents

We provide a database not only about your employees' background, but also about their skillsets and their future career goals to promote easy strategic decision making about your workforce.
Based on the database, you can easily search for the right talent by filtering on different skills and competencies whenever you are planning to set up a new team. Furthermore, you can use employees current skill datas to create gap analysis or other strategic purposes.

HR Analytics

DTalent offers HR Analytics about various valuable factors, such as the employee satisfaction rate, current fluctuation number, internal mobility datas and learning and development attendance rate.

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Mercédesz Angyal

Head of Business Development

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Chief Executive Officer

Rita Nyitrai

Head of Research

Gábor Rabatin

Chief Technology Officer

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